Acting Courses

THEA 110 - Technique of Acting*

This course provides students with a study of the fundamental skills required for stage acting and the creation of roles in plays. Course content includes development of physical and vocal technique, improvisation, scenes and monologues from published plays.

THEA 122 – Improvisation*

This interactive course is an exploration of improvisation through theater games and individual and group performance. 

THEA 125 - Voice, Speech and Text*

This course introduces various physical, vocal, and breath techniques to aid the actor in the development and use of the voice on the stage.

THEA 130 - Stage Combat*

This course introduces the fundamental skills for unarmed combat and swordplay for theater rehearsal and performance.

THEA 135 - Stage Movement*

An introduction to principles and techniques of theatrical stage movement, designed to help actors make their bodies more flexible and efficient instruments of expression in performance.

THEA 210 - Intermediate Acting*

This course is a continuation of the study of acting technique and the creation of dramatic roles on an intermediate level. Students continue to refine technique utilizing improvisation, monologues and scripted scenes from realistic and non-realistic plays. Prerequisite: THEA 120

THEA 215 - Acting Shakespeare

This course is designed to provide a basic approach to the creation of effective dramatic presentations of the plays of William Shakespeare. Students will study Elizabethan and contemporary stage technique; and develop skills dealing with interpretive, vocal and physical demands of contemporary Shakespearean performance. 

THEA 220 - Professional Acting

This course provides students with a study of the fundamental skills required for gaining employment as an actor on stage and in film as well as other mediums. Course content includes audition techniques, on-camera acting skills, guidance for securing an agent, preparing photographs and resumes, and joining the entertainment unions.

THEA 244 - Fundamentals of Acting*

The exploration and development of acting skills through technique and performance.

*offered fall 2010

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