How Busy Theater Actors can Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Everyone understands the busy life of theatre actors. These are people with minimal time for themselves. Their lives revolve around theatre halls and field filming various movies and script. The little time they get, they are on their tables mastering scripts for the next shooting. This kind of lifestyle is easy to gain weight, which comes with its share of challenges. Some of them include:

  • Lifestyle diseases
  • Breathing problems
  • Inactivity
  • Lack of zeal and less productivity
  • Low confidence levels and self-esteem

Therefore it’s important for theatre actors not to reach this level; instead, they should watch their weight to ensure they reach the optimum stress levels.

Some of the benefits of having a healthy body weight for actors include:

  • Makes them flexible to take any acting roles
  • Can work for long hours with minimal pressure
  • Have fewer hospital visits
  • Promotes their productivity levels
  • They are active in the acting scenes

Have a boosted ego hence high confidence and self-esteem levels. 

Here are some tips:


  1. Engage in sporting activities

One sure way of maintaining the optimum BMI (Body Mass Index) is to ensure that you engage in sporting activities that promote fat burning.

The physical intensity of sporting activities gets rid of excess fat, accumulating in the body in the form of fat. Therefore, theatre actors need to try their hand in sporting activities that promote movement. Foosball is one such activity that comes in handy to shed the excess fat. The only challenge is finding the right foosball set up to ensure you have the right physical activity that reduces the excess fat.

  1. Check on your diet

A theatre actor’s lifestyle is easy to eat unhealthily, and that is their undoing when it comes to achieving weight goals.

They have little time to prepare healthy and balanced meals at home, for they are ever rushing against time. Therefore, they are tempted to consume fast foods. Some of the diet weight loss tips include:

  • Reduce carbohydrate intake and increase high protein
  • Reduce the intake of sugary foods and processed fruit juices
  • Exercise portion control
  • Eat slowly and patiently
  • Insist on soluble fiber
  • Eat a balanced diet at all cost

As much as carbohydrates is an energy giving food, anything in excess is stored as fat. That is why weight loss nutritionists advocate for a low-carb diet anytime you are focusing on losing weight. It helps to ensure that all the calories are burned in daily exercises and normal activities.

  1. Watch your calories

As a theatre actor, you should not just put anything in your mouth in the name of food. You have to confirm the calories you consume against your body weight; otherwise, you may have a problem with weight gain.

As much as you may have a crazy schedule, it’s important to take time and check the number of calories you consume. It should be equivalent to the kind of physical activity. In case your work for the day involves minimal physical movement, it’s wise to consume minimal calories. Every time you go grocery shopping, look at the food label to be conversant with the number of calories the food contains. Besides, it would help if you researched based on your body mass index on the exact amount of calories you consume to act as a guiding principle.

Mindful eating is also helpful. Always be guilty when you take foods that you are sure are giving you more pounds than you need. It keeps you in check on what you consume in terms of calories and unhealthy fat.

  1. Drink water

You need to stay hydrated to stay active to shed off any excess calories. If not, you will always feel fatigued and enhance a sedentary life.

It’s the point you end up picking lazy roles that your body can’t allow. Drinking water before meals creates the illusion of being full and limits the amount of food you take.

It’s one way of exercising portion control as a way of losing some weight. However busy you may be, you can’t miss sipping a glass of water in an enclosed office environment or the office.

  1. Have enough sleep

Did you know getting enough sleep is a contributing factor to weight loss? As much as you may have work pressures and long working hours, plan yourself to a point, you get enough sleep when it’s required.

At least have eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to be on the safe side when talking about health. Sleep is also a limiting factor in food intake. When you stay awake for long, you tend to feel hungry and indulge in unhealthy snacks that accumulate excess fat for no good reason. 

Other benefits of sleep relevant for theatre actors include:

  • Refreshes your body and mind ready to face another day with strength and vigor
  • Makes you active during the day hence increasing your productivity levels
  • Improves your mood and raises your promoting your self-confidence
  • Improves your memory, allowing you to master the scripts with ease
  • Increases your performance level now that your body works at optimum levels
  • Boosts your immune system keeping diseases at bay

Being busy is not an excuse for indulging in fast foods, which you think is readily available. A homemade meal is a sure way of the number of calories you consume. Look for quick-fix meals with the right nutritional intake, which you are sure of your body’s response.

Weight control is all within your mean and power; it’s upon you to look for what works for you in the theatre halls based on your work schedule to ensure you have the right BMI and further bodyweight. Always strive to avoid any excess fat; it’s enticing in the beginning but very difficult to shed it off.

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