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Founders who are the bedrock of this organization

Firstly, there are the founders who are the bedrock of this organization. Without their vision, thoughts, and plans, there would be no Napa Valley Theater. Then, we have our professional tutors from various places who are still at different active points in their careers. Also, there is a well-organized and experienced administrative staff. 


They do their best to ensure and oversee the smooth daily running of the conservatory. These people include the board of trustees, the chief financial officer, the president, and the vice president of student affairs and their teams. We also have lots of contributors and personnel working behind the scenes, without which we would be unable to run these programs.


Professional Acting Coaches

We have coaches who have different expertise  and they assist you in every step of the way of your theater career

Debra Larson
Debra Larson

Head Acting Coach

Lewis Scholtz
Lewis Scholtz

Scene Study Teacher/Coach

Olivia Patterson
Olivia Patterson

Señor Acting Coach

Ronald M. Peeler
Ronald M. Peeler

Acting Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to develop emotional intelligence from art performances?

Artists use the alone time for introspection. They have to think about their lines and performances ahead of time. This helps foster emotional development. Working in groups also improve emotional intelligence.

They develop communication skills and empathy, tools necessary for emotional development and performance success. They deploy experiences and lessons learned in future performances.

Can students improve their academic performance through theater art?

Creativity transcends expression and progresses into academic performance. Students deploy arts subjectivity into study methods for better performance at other disciplines.

Students, according to studies, receive academic achievement recognition if they engage in performance arts at least thrice a week.

Why is performance art essential to developing life skills?

Preparing for a musical, drama, or art show isn’t easy. Artists express themselves without fear of doing wrong or right. This freedom of expression supports their progress and equips them with important life skills to deploy in the outside world.

Optimistic and constructive feedback on performance arts also helps build life skills. They also learn how to master emotions, atop better understanding the world and the people in it. They’re able to navigate and network with other people, experiencing healthy relationships.

What is Napa Valley Theater Mission?

Our mission is to provide all kinds of theater art performances to our audience. We focus on providing entertainment away from your busy life.

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