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Our curriculum allows our trainees to focus on their art, which provides an avenue for specific training and specialization. We don’t only teach techniques and technicalities, but we also help you to develop your style. The Napa Valley Theater promotes diversity and provides room for adventurous inspiration.

That includes creating original projects before you graduate from the conservatory with your Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in the bag. The theater boasts of highly developed facilities and equipment, and a liberal arts setting. Our place offers an environment that is conducive to learning and inspires creativity. People believe that conservatories are rigid.

However, our immersive learning experience is flexible and fitted with the right balance to prevent it from overwhelming the trainees. Although it’s an intensive training process, it’s also adaptable enough that the rest of your life isn’t on hold. Nevertheless, our students must show commitment as it’s a sure way to thrive here.

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