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About Us

We are a conservatory theater training center that helps to provide focused study, which builds the necessary skills. This skill-building is in preparation for a fruitful career in the film industry. We aim to produce people who’re not only consumed with endless technicalities but also to train those who can apply the right techniques into generating quality-driven performances.

Professional Acting Coaches

will Assist you Every Step of the Way

Lewis Scholtz
Lewis Scholtz

Scene Study Teacher/Coach

Debra Larson
Debra Larson

Head Acting Coach

Olivia Patterson
Olivia Patterson

Señor Acting Coach

Our curriculum allows our trainees to focus on their art
Ronald M. Peeler
Ronald M. Peeler

Acting Coach

Our student community is diverse and tightly knit.

How Theatre Has Changed Over the Years

Theatre is one of the oldest and most important art forms of man that has been in existence for many years and is closely associated with our culture and history, and daily living. And there’s no way we’ll talk about the popularity and attention that theatre has attracted today without reference to how it all started and how it has changed over the years. 

The Life of a Collage Stage Theater Art

Art is a creative and innovative glue that links and actions hard sciences and other fields. Performing arts offer the opportunity to engage the body, mind, and emotions into an integrative expression of being human. Artists can explore and present amazing ideas and themes through performances. 

Learning from Professionals

Some people say that those who can’t do it teach, but that doesn’t apply here. Our tutors are people who are presently at the peak of their acting careers. It’s a unique conservatory characteristic to offer seasoned theater professionals access, and we take that seriously. 

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